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 my best pokemon team(heartgold)

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PostSubject: my best pokemon team(heartgold)   Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:00 am

Ho-oh level 73 moves=Extrasensory,Weatherball,Recover and Sacred Fire

Typlosion level 69 moves=Cut,Rock Smash,Rock Climb and Strength

Togetic level 37 moves=Flash,Silver Wind,Fly and Ancient Power

Dragonair level 48 moves= Fire Blast,Dragon Rage,Aqua Tail and Dragon Pulse

Entei level 65 moves=Dig,Iron Tail,Stomp and Flamethrower

Gyarados level 48 moves=Dragon Rage,Surf,Tackle and Whirlpool
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my best pokemon team(heartgold)
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