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 I need a scizor

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PostSubject: I need a scizor   Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:24 am

i just traded with someone yesterday a pokemon for his scizor and i noticec it was hacked lvl 100, is there a chance anyone could give me a legit scizor lvl 50-?
or to trade with me, i have many pokemons, as: beldum,bagon,gible,lapras,mawile,shinx,buizel,buneary,ralts,aron,larvitar,executor,teddiursa,
phanpy, corpish,starters,claperl,swinub,trapinch,swablu,and more. or just offer something coz i have more pokemons i didnt notice.
FC: 1162 4673 5217
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I need a scizor
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